Allbirds have just released their latest innovative footwear with the brand introducing Mizzle, a collection of weather resistant shoes in their signature Merino wool. The brand’s many fans wear their Allbirds everywhere and everyday but the company’s original Wool Runners aren’t quite cut out for wet weather so they decided to create an updated version that are perfect for rain or shine.

The first of the new designs is the Wool Runner Mizzle, the brand’s first-ever wool hightop, which is accompanied by the Wool Runner-up Mizzle. Each one are designed to be all-climate, all-season options that don’t make you choose between function or style as you can wear them anywhere. The shoes have a thicker layer of ZQ-certified Merino Wool and a more substantial SweetFoam™ sole reinforced with high traction natural rubber which is perfect for wet surfaces.

Allbirds are always looking for sustainable ways to do things better and when they discovered that virtually all weather-resistant gear is made with synthetic fluorinated chemicals (PFAs) which don’t break down over time and end up polluting our soil and water. Allbirds did extensive research and development to found a solution that will keeps your feet dry but doesn’t rely on PFAs. The result is the brand’s new proprietary Puddle Guard™ technology which utilizes an Oeko-Tex Eco Passport-certified fluorine-free water repellent treatment, and a breathable, waterresistant layer of bio-TPU. All of that means your feet will stay cosy and dry without causing harm to the environment which is definitely win-win. Now you can wear your Allbirds whatever the weather.