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LASRA® conducts research on all aspects of leather production, from skin removal and preservation to advanced property enhancement for added value leathers.


Coming up with the right answers and best solutions to solve production problems demands a wide range of analytical tools, high orders of skill and versatility—plus the experience to put it all together.

Who we are

LASRA is the independent research association of the New Zealand hide, skin and leather processing industry. Its role is to guide and support the Industry’s vision for sustainably produced premium quality hides and skins for export through targeted research and technology transfer


The LASRA analytical laboratory is accredited worldwide (ILAC-MRA) for performing testing in accordance with ISO, EN, ASTM and other internationally recognised standards. LASRA acts as an information provider to industry and runs correspondence courses to assist in providing training in leather manufacturing technology.

Latest LASRA News

Dr Mehta’s cover paper from J Leather Sci Eng, March 2020

18 Nov 2020

Mehta, M., Naffa, R., Maidment, C. et al. RAMAN AND ATR-FTIR SPECTROSCOPY TOWARDS...

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Out with the old …

18 Nov 2020

It was a day of heavy lifting when LASRA's old samming machine was replaced with a later model...

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IRANZ briefing to incoming government minister

17 Nov 2020

IRANZ (Independent Research Association, NZ) has issued a timely reminder to Hon Dr Megan Woods,...

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