As an internationally recognised testing authority, LASRA offers technical laboratory services for the leather, hide, and footwear industry. Clients who represent manufacturers, brands and retailers have the confidence of knowing we operate under ISO 9002 ISO/IEC 17025 international standards. Industry relevant tests are based on international standards and are IANZ accredited, resulting in the international acceptance of LASRA test reports.

LASRA services range from simple analyses to complex investigations; from routine quality control to detailed performance assessment.


LASRA provides physical and chemical analytical testing of footwear, textiles, leather, partially processed leather, leather process chemicals, collagen, and industrial waste, utilising an array of specialised equipment. LASRA laboratories use internationally recognised testing methods related to the International Standards Organisation (ISO), British Standards Institute (BS), ASTM International (ASTM), German standards (DIN) and SATRA standards (STM/PM) to ensure the integrity of our results.


LASRA provides an extensive testing service for the leather industry. We provide chemical testing for hides at various stages of processing in accordance with the industry’s standard methods of analysis, see our IANZ scope for more details. Analytical results can be coupled with advice on the standard of processing or quality of product, or used to explain quality failures or production problems. In addition to analytical testing, we support the analysis and evaluation of bactericides/fungicides on raw stock, pickled and wet tanned hides or skins. Our team of leather experts and analysts can help solve problems related to leather processing including colour irregularity, unhairing, and physical weakness.


LASRA offers a full range of tests to international standards to assist the needs of the global footwear industry, many covered by our IANZ scope. However, what is equally important is our ability to interpret tests results for you to offer real solutions to rectify any problems raised in testing. Our capability is based on the experience of our staff with over forty years in the industry to assist clients with all aspects of footwear component design, manufacture and production. This support extends across the full range of footwear from infants to casual, fashion, special purpose, industrial, safety and military.

Our client base is truly global and regularly draws on our expertise at all stages of development and production, to the extent that our footwear technology business is an area of rapid growth. We also participate in national and international standards committees, providing guidance on footwear and leather testing standards.

Hides & Pelts

LASRA offers an extensive range of tests for hides and pelts, servicing the fellmongery and hide processing industry.

Preserved hides and skins are generally referred to as ‘cured’ as they have undergone processes such as salting and treatment with biocides to prevent degradation in storage prior to being brought through the pickling and tanning stages of leather processing.

Process Chemicals

LASRA offers a full range of chemical analyses for activity, purity or contamination on all type of reagents used in the leather processing industry.

Analytical results can be used to determine cost effectiveness, confirm quality, compare products, or resolve production issues.

Upholstery Fire Testing

The New Zealand Government is about to get much tougher on furniture makers using combustible foams. Retailers and manufacturers have an opportunity to make the lives of consumers much safer.

80 per cent of furniture in New Zealand is foam-filled, including lounge suites, mattresses and seating. Foam can be highly flammable at relatively low temperatures and should be tested for its burning characteristics before being used in furniture. Polyurethane is the common type of foam used and if not treated by a fire retardant, can be a serious fire risk.

LASRA is IANZ accredited to carry out all current AS/NZS standards for flammability. Feel free to contact us for internationally accredited flammability testing of upholstery materials and set-ups.

Collagen Capability

LASRA has developed significant capability in collagen testing, ranging from molecular up to structural analysis.

Analyses include:

  1. Amino acid analysis, particularly hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine
  2. Carbohydrates.
  3. Total lipids.
  4. Moisture.
  5. Ash analysis.
  6. Fatty acids.
  7. Total nitrogen.
  8. ATR-FTIR.
  9. Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)
  10. Thermal gravimetric analysis (TGA)
  11. pH testing.
  12. Solubility testing.
  13. Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC)
  14. SDS-PAGE.
  15. Enzymatic collagen assays using trypsin, pepsin, collagenase and other proteases.
  16. Collagen yield determination from hydroxyproline.
  17. Total protein from amino acid.
  18. GAGs assay.
  19. Elastin assay.
  20. Microscopic techniques (SEM, TEM and confocal).
  21. Bacterial and fungal challenge testing and identification.

Textile Testing

LASRA has wide experience testing textile products such as upholstery and garments.

We test to ISO, EN, ASTM AATCC or other specifications for textiles/fabrics for applications including safety gloves, motorcyclist clothing and tenting for their colour fastness/stability, strength, or wear (flex or abrasion).

We also handle more specific enquiries such as laundering/cleaning, pilling/snagging alongside special testing for cut-proof gloves and chainsaw protection.