As an internationally recognised testing authority, LASRA offers technical laboratory services for the leather, hide, and footwear industry. Clients who represent manufacturers, brands and retailers have the confidence of knowing we operate under ISO 9002 ISO/IEC 17025 international standards. Industry relevant tests are based on international standards and are IANZ accredited, resulting in the international acceptance of LASRA test reports.



LASRA services range from simple analyses to complex investigations; from routine quality control to detailed performance assessment.


LASRA provides physical and chemical analytical testing of footwear, leather, partially processed leather, leather process chemicals, and industrial waste, utilising an array of specialised equipment. LASRA laboratories use internationally recognised testing methods related to the International Standards Organisation (ISO), British Standards Institute (BS), ASTM International (ASTM), German standards (DIN) and SATRA standards (STM/PM) to ensure the integrity of our results.


Finding the correct diagnosis and best solution to production problems or product defects demands extensive expertise and a wide range of analytical techniques. LASRA has this extensive expertise and access to a huge variety of analytical techniques of relevance to the leather processing and footwear industries.
Consumer complaints (about footwear, clothing, upholstery, bags, belts, etc.) require credible, easily-understood answers. Our investigations for companies, consumers, Consumers Institute, or the Commerce Commission can involve decisions as far ranging as fair trading or simple compliance. Problem items are often sent by retailers seeking unbiased, objective, professional advice for customers.


We’re dedicated to providing our clients with the best testing solutions and if a test is not listed here, just contact us because it’s likely we can provide for your need.