LASRA® conducts research on all aspects of leather production, from skin removal and preservation to advanced
AFM_3property enhancement for added value leathers. Our current research has a strong focus on enhancing the intrinsic properties of this unique material to obtain maximum strength and performance.


LASRA® engages in a broad range of research on skins and hides in support of our Industry from identification of improved methods for skin removal from the carcase, preservation of skins and hides both short-term and long-term, identification and evaluation of new depilation technologies and techniques, development of tanning processes and chemistries including ThruBlu™ to reduce chemical usage and discharge of chloride and sulphate to effluent, and advanced research into nano-reagents for improved chemical, fire, heat and bacterial resistance.


LASRA® has always maintained a strong practical background to its research, which is supported by dedicated facilities for trial leather production and product testing.


New technologies tested in our facilities before disclosure to our membership include computer-based area measurement and discounting, HALS and enzyme dewooling technologies.


The Industry Technical Advisory Group helps steer the research aims through biannual meetings where representatives from the Industry decide on those subjects they wish to be investigated over the next 12 months, and receive a 6 monthly update on progress. These projects often develop into more involved work, which can be extended over a number of years or form the basis for a bid for Government Funding to co-fund further more detailed investigation.


stretcherA number of Government co-funded research projects are currently underway at LASRA®. These projects are based on a mixture of fundamental science and applied science and technology, which seek to improve the value of hides and skins by imparting improved physical and chemical properties.


Contact us today for information on how we can help you achieve a better return using a number of novel technologies and property enhancements unique to LASRA®.