LASRA® is a Private Training Establishment.

Fundamentals of Leather Manufacturing Training Scheme (Level 4)
This is a new course, obtained with NZQA approval to deliver to industry in 2022.

The course runs over twenty-four weeks and has 30 credits, meaning we can offer two courses a year. The first intake in February, with another intake in June.

The course notes provide an up-to-date introduction to the manufacturing of leather and contain numerous new illustrations, video clips as well as recorded lectures given by the knowledgeable LASRA staff.


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This identified that: “The organisation is recognised as a leader in the leather industry, and the training offered is highly regarded by the key stakeholders and the wider manufacturing community.

Students gain confidence, their work performance is enhanced, and they are better informed about industry developments through the theoretical knowledge gained. This allows students to contribute to the knowledge base and capability in their organisations.

Stakeholders praised the quality of training, the team culture and the enduring working relationship with LASRA staff.”