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    Feedback and Complaints Procedure:

    At LASRA, we value feedback from our clients and welcome any comments, questions,
    compliments, or concerns about our services. To ensure that any complaints are handled in a fair
    and timely manner, we have established the following complaints process:

    1. When a complaint is received, it is immediately recorded in our Investigation Register.
    2. Within 24 hours of receiving a complaint, we will acknowledge the complaint to the
      complainant by phone or email.
    3. We will promptly investigate, validate, and resolve the complaint as soon as possible.
    4. If the investigation takes longer than four working days, we will provide periodic updates to the
      complainant on the status of the investigation.
    5. An independent person, such as the Quality Manager, or Administrator, will review the
    6. We will communicate the outcomes of the investigation to the complainant via email, phone,
      providing a copy of the investigation report, or any combination of these methods. We will also
      notify the complainant that this is the end of the process.

    We are committed to providing excellent service to our clients and take all complaints seriously. If
    you have any feedback or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us using the details provided