Nike’s push for sustainability in recent years has lead them down a path of fueled innovation, driving down their negative impact on the world gradually with new and mindful techniques. With past releases slowly implementing their diligent R&D, these forthcoming Summer pairs spell quite a bit more in their ecological efforts. The first of the three makes use of their most sustainable material yet, Flyleather, utilizing its recycled fiber with reckless abandon along the silhouettes of the Earth Day Pack. Though majorly white and clean, each comes ornamented by Steve Harrington’s unique artwork with toony graphic motifs filling the uppers and insoles. In quite a different direction, the Plant Color collection opts for a pastel assortment of plant-based dyes with the the Air Max 95 and Blazer Lw standing as their canvas. What’s more, the spare Flyknit threads left in excess due to standard productions are given another chance on the shelves as they come together to form a truly one-of-a-kind Vapormax. Launch dates for each range are spread across the entirety of the Summer 2019 season.