Part of the Usaflex (shoe industry and brand in Brazil) mission is to ensure the quality of the leathers used in producing their shoes. Recently they signed a Cooperation Agreement with the Brazilian Leather Certification of Sustainability (CSCB) with the objective of encouraging its leather suppliers to participate in and also be recognized by the program, which disseminates best practices in the tanning sector based on the pillars of society, environment, and economy. The signing ceremony took place during the CSCB Sustainability Forum on November 7 with Sergio Bocayuva, CEO of Usaflex.

CSCB certified tannery industries are those dedicated to improving their work on issues such as raw material traceability, animal welfare, reduced water and electricity consumption, quality control, and worker health and safety, among others. With the signing of the agreement, Usaflex assures its customers a movement towards incentivizing that all the leathers used in production come from tanneries that prioritize these points and sustainability as a whole in their production processes.

For Bocayuva, this is an agreement that harmonizes perfectly with the Usaflex values. “Sustainability is a demand of ours and of all our audiences too, which requires a careful, broad look at the work of the entire production chain,” he says. Usaflex is one of the largest leather sector customers in Brazil. Most of its production in women’s and men’s shoes, in addition to handbags and wallets, is done in leather which stands out with attributes like comfort and aesthetic refinement.

In addition to its 200 franchise stores, Usaflex has products for sale at over 7,400 points in multi-brand chains. In the international market, they’re already present in 51 countries, four of which already have 17 brand licensed stores.