Lauded for creating some of the most coveted boots and shoes anywhere, the brand John Lofgren is releasing a very unique military-style boot, made in collaboration with Oakland-based retailer Standard & Strange.

The Combat Boot is a semi-brogue cap-toe style that stands at six inches. It’s tied tight with a swift combination of nickel eyelets and speed hooks, held together with Goodyear welt construction and grips with Vibram soles. But the shining star of the show is the upper. Made from a rare ‘White Shadow’ shell cordovan from Japan’s famed Shinki tannery, it’s set apart from other shells thanks to its super thick waxy layer which gives it a soft white colour. Shell cordovan is already rare and is near-impossible to dye white, but this unicorn leather won’t keep its pristine shellac for long. The waxy layer will give way to the undyed shell cordovan beneath, revealing the natural flesh-tones of the hide which will patina further to deep brown tones. Availble now from the Stitchdown website.