Introductory Course

Get a good basic grounding with this 1-year correspondence course toward a recognised Level 3 qualification on the National Qualifications Framework.


You don’t need detailed technical knowledge so this is a good grounding if you’re new to the industry or want a basic understanding of the technology for this work. The only qualifications required are reasonable reading/writing skills, plus a commitment to learn and some self-discipline.


NC in Leather Manufacture Tech - Intro Brochure

We release lecture notes each month for eight months. These are designed so people in fulltime jobs can still work at their own pace and complete a monthly assignment. In November, you sit a written examination.



Course Content:
• Hides & skins used in leather.

• Hides & skin structure.

• Hide & skin faults.

• Stages of leather manufacture.

• Environmental pollutants in tannery discharges.

• Tannery chemical hazards.

• Principles of quality assurance.

• Practical quality control.

Click here for the 2019 Leather Manufacture Technology (Introductory) pdf


If you work in the industry, ask your employer about enrolling through a Training Agreement with the Primary ITO at






2018 course attendees L to R: Renata Torres, David Lowther, Damian Remuka, Paea Otumuli