Advanced Course

Put your career on the fast track with a 2-year correspondence-based course toward a recognised Level-4 qualification on the National Qualifications Framework.
You don’t need previous qualifications or industry experience to succeed on this course but some people find it helps to take the Introductory Course first. What you achieve on the Introductory Course counts toward the Advanced National Certificate. Your most important qualifications are reasonable reading/writing skills, plus a commitment to learn and some self-discipline.


You’ll gain detailed technical knowledge that will help your career in the industry, train you for production responsibilities, or improve your technical capabilities.


You’ll understand the technology and science of leather manufacture; the production stages used to make different types of leather; the technical control of leather-making; how to restructure processes and evaluate results.


For eight months of each year, beginning in February, we release monthly lecture notes, and you complete a monthly assignment. In October of each year, you attend a block course in Palmerston North. In November of each year, you sit an examination.


The Advanced National Certificate is awarded on the basis of assignments, block course assessment and examinations.


Course Content:
• Chemistry of leather manufacture

NC in Leather Manufacture Tech - Advanced Brochure

• Chrome tanning

• Hides & skins used

•Vegetable tanning

• Hide & skin structure

• Pre-tannage processes for bovine hides

• Hide & skin faults

• Pretannage processes for woolskins

• Environmental pollutants discharged

• Chrome leather wet post-tannage

• Tannery chemical hazards

• Woolskin post-tannage

• Principles of quality assurance

• Vegetable leather wet post-tannage

• Chemical testing

• Leather drying

• Physical testing of leather

• Miscellaneous tannages

• Leather colour

• Measurement in leather manufacture

• Leather finishing


Click here for the Leather Manufacture Technology (Advanced) pdf


If you work in the industry, ask your employer about enrolling through a Training Agreement with the Primary ITO at