LASRA has extensive capability in this area as a significant and user of top leather and fabrics. We can ensure your materials meet required standards for an internationally accepted base line, or work with you to set individual company standards. Our range of capability is:


• ISO EN for Domestic, or commercial upholstery standards

• FAA Federal Aviation Authority for Aviation Product

• IMO International Maritime Authority for shipping or boating

• ISO EN for Automotive


This runs from simple strength test through to a complete range fire safety tests. Test results can be compared with international specifications or company standards, used to evaluate products in product development, or as a basis for explaining production problems.   We can analyse upholstery leather for any element and a vast range of compounds such as hexavalent chromium, prohibited dyestuffs, biocide residues, fat type, free formaldehyde, etc, etc. Our analytical team and leather experts can solve problems related to colour change, determine the causes of spue, explain reasons for weakness and many more.


Our range of physical tests includes:

Bally flex

Fastness to crocking

Finish adhesion

Shower spray water repellancy


Accelerated ageing

Tear strength

Fastness to artificial daylight

Colour fastness to rubbing

Fastness to perspiration and many more.


Download and read all about Upholstery Testing at LASRA pdf (381kb)


If you’re interested in a test not listed here, just contact us because it’s likely we can provide for your need.