Look at the shoes you are wearing, the chair you sit on, or the jacket you wear and you’ll see how much of their make-up is a fabric or textile.

LASRA has the technical ability to conduct all testing and development work on all of those materials. Textile is used in products as coverings for furniture, as shoe linings, moisture control, reinforcing backers or upper panels.


Upholstery has its own concerns:

Abrasion resistance needs to high (ISO 12947 / AS 2001.2.25)

Pilling is that annoying formation of balls of material fibre, materials must resist this (ISO 12945-2 / IWS 196)

Light fastness must be high, a lounge suite should not fade in use (ISO 105-B02)

Seam strength measure the structure of the cover and its ability to handle the loads of use. (ISO 13936-2 / AS 2001.2.22)

We can deal with standards testing for domestic, office, aviation or marine use.


Footwear fabrics have their own unique needs.

Sporting or industrial footwear have high demands such as abrasion protection or cut protection. They can be highly water resistant whilst remaining breathable.

cut resitance

Outer fabrics need:

Seam strength

Scratch or cut resistance

Breathability yet retaining water resisting

Abrasion resistant


Fabric linings must be:

Abrasion resistant but not abrasive on the foot in shoes or other areas for garments.

They must have strength and may even reinforce some upper materials.

LASRA has a full suite of fabric tests ready for all footwear upholstery or garment needs at your service.