Process Chemicals

LASRA offer a full range of chemical analyses for activity, purity or contamination on all type of reagents used in the leather processing industry.

Analytical results can be used to determine cost effectiveness, confirm quality, compare products, or resolve production issues.


Routine Process Chemical Tests

•  Ammonium salts


•  Sodium sulphide

•  Sodium hydrogen sulphide

•  Hydrated lime

•  Particle size of reagents

•  Oxazolidine

•  Hexavalent chromium

•  Chrome powders and liquors

•  Magnesium oxide

•  Boric acid

•  Sodium chloride


•  Surfactants

•  Biocides and fungicides

•  Inorganic contaminants

•  Dyestuffs

•  Biocide or fungicide efficacy on any substrates


Please contact us if the processing chemical that you need tested is not on this list.