Pickled Pelts

LASRA provide extensive testing of pickled pelts pelts, servicing the fellmongery industry.

Pickled pelt refers to a stage of leather processing where the pelt/hide/skin has been pickled in an acidic solution for preservation.

Basic pickled pelt profileUntitled

• Moisture

• Total protein

• Soluble protein

• Soluble/total protein ratio

• Calcium sulfate

• Calcium sulfate/total protein ratio

• pH of an expressed liquor

• Shrinkage temperature

• Free acid

• Free salt

• Iron


Quantitative determination of the preservative agents are often analysed for additionally to the basic pickled pelt profile.

Preservation agents are used to ensure the pickled pelts are resistant to degradation during storage, often involving transit.


Preservation agent testing includes:


• 90 day tropical chamber incubation test


If you’re interested in a test not listed here, just contact us because it’s likely we can provide foryour need.