glovesWe have a full suite of tests ready for garment materials to be used in:


• High end fashion or luxury goods

• Sporting wear

• Highly technical protective wear

• Outdoor wear


Whether you make a delicate artistic ‘haute couture’ material or a high demand high performance protective garment,
we can test for all levels of performance and write advice on care and use.


Test results can be compared with international specifications or company standards, used to evaluate products in product development, or as a basis for explaining production problems. Using these tests and light or electron microscopy we can provide answers to a wide range of production/performance problems, such as dye unlevelness, grain dullness, leather defects, poor finish performance, leather weakness, etc, etc


Leather pants





Safety testing for Garments can be offered to the following standards.

• AS/NZS 4453

• EN 381

• ISO 11393






If you’re interested in a test not listed here, just contact us because it’s likely we can provide for your need.