Contracted work

LASRA engages in a number of client specific projects every year to determine the efficacy of a treatment, optimum settings of variables within a range of parameters and alternatives to current industry norms.


These projects are typically very intensive in nature, and provide a client confidential report when completed with specific recommendations or observations to assist further development.


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Qualities of Merino skins

As we know, skins from Merino and other finewool sheep can be a challenge to process and market.  This trial looked at Merino skins from five farms, investigating character, composition, and physical performance characteristics, as a means of establishing a baseline for future process improvement work and to investigate within-breed variability.



Long-term storage trials

A concern with the replacement of conventional wet blue with wet white processing is that the material requires more preservative.  In this study, wet white was produced using the new LASRA tanning process and stored for 9 months prior to conversion to crust in order to evaluate the effects of storage.