LASRA’s mission is to support its members via provision of information, staff training, test-house services and consultancy, R&D and technology transfer. LASRA’s funding is derived from fee for service work, member’s subscriptions and agency funded projects, the latter, leveraged by industry funds. A small margin on fees from this work funds LASRA’s infrastructure.


LASRA has two levels of membership: Ordinary Members & Ancillary Members


Ordinary Members are those who are the fellmongers, skin and hide processors, tanners and leather manufacturers of New Zealand.


Ancillary Membership covers a very broad group of members, which in general, represent the firms or companies that supply services to LASRA’s Ordinary Members, use leather to make products or leather support products (e.g. leather care products), or sell leather goods.


Benefits of LASRA Membership

LASRA offers services in analytical chemistry, environmental monitoring, mechanical testing, microscopy, and consultancy. These services are used by LASRA’s members for quality control and problem solving at various stages of skin and hide processing and leather manufacturing. LASRA also evaluates materials (garment, upholstery and footwear leathers, polymers and textiles) for compliance with manufacturing and market regulations. The results from its IANZ accredited laboratories are recognised world-wide.


As a member you also enjoy access to LASRA information (LASRA library access, Information services, membership list, a copy of the Annual Report, a copy of the LASRA rules, a copy of LASRA’s Goals and Objectives, a copy of IANZ accreditations and an annually renewable Membership Certificate.

Our members are also invited to attend the LASRA Conference which is held every August in New Zealand.


At LASRA we look forward to putting our skills, expertise and knowledge to work to provide you with the best possible service.


For a membership application form contact us and include your company details and what your company does and one of our staff members will contact you