U.S. based Tannin Corporation has introduced two new fatliquors and wax into the market. Located in Peabody, Massachusetts, the Company is a global specialist in providing leather chemicals for American lifestyle and upholstery applications among others.

 Lionsyn GGO is a new fatliquor specially designed for automotive upholstery articles, reportedly giving to leather the required properties together with improved physical values and fastness. The viscous brown liquid is a combination of synthetic and refined oils, long chain alkanes and anionic surfactants. It provides the leather with a fluffy, warm inner softness with relaxed fibres. It has excellent fogging values and high light and heat yellowing properties, making it suitable for white or pastel shades. It can be applied as the main fatliquor and can be used for milled articles to create floater, milled or upholstery articles. Ideal for lightweight articles it can also be used to produce chrome-free leathers.

Lionsyn CAV is a fatliquoring agent designed for all types for leather including wool and hair-on types. The white, anionic liquid is made from sulphited esters and high molecular weight aliphatic hydrocarbons. This product has a one-year shelf life and should be applied as an emulsion. It is claimed that it produces leather which has excellent dyeability, is electrolyte stable, has good heat and light fastness and is good for wetting back dried wet-blue or crust. It is ideal for glazing of suede leather and does not result in any oily fur.

Lionwax RX-68W is an opaque white solid wax composition based on a blend of petroleum waxes, greases and water-resistant materials suitable for water resistant leather with a deep, clean pull-up effect. It maintains maeser flexes on waterproof crust with minimum static water absorption and produces a darkening effect with hot plating. The final leather is clean, bright with level colour and the wax provides a smooth filling with a firm pull-up effect.

From ILM