Italian tannery machine producer Escomar Italia has focussed its efforts on improving its through-feed sammying machine for wet-blue processing and introduced the new model “PCR-e56” at the Simac Tanning Tech fair in Milan last February.

Compared with the previous model, the new series aims to provide its customers with superior performances. The new improvements are:

Pressure: The pressing system is completely controlled by a hydraulic unit that is able to develop a highly powered pressure on the hides, which is distributed across two independent bridges.

Working speed: Thanks to the high pressure, the Escomar PCR-e56 allows tanners to operate the machine at high speeds with considerable production throughput benefits.

Electro-Drive Transport: Improved transport speed with an electric motovariator which is controlled by an inverter, ensuring a steady and precise speed, and a reduction in power consumption.

Less electricity: The new electro-drive system on the PCR-e56 is capable of developing the sammying performance in a six-roller machine with the same electrical consumption as a five-roller machine.

Less noise: The electro-drive system also means that the PCR-e56 gives off the lowest noise emissions of any sammying machine currently available on the market.

Stretching: Compared with previous models, the stretching system on the PCR-e56 has been updated.

Operation: New application programmes allow for easy and intuitive process management, and also allow a constant control of the various settings and functions of the machine by the operators.