The Dutch chemical manufacturer is introducing the Densodrin Polymeric Generation, claimed to be the cleanest performing level of waterproofing available to tanners and shoe manufacturers.

According to Stahl, the 100% polymer silicone waterproofing solution is the first to deliver full polymeric neutralisation, re-tanning and waterproofing, hence, improving the environmental footprint of leather waterproofing considerably. “Using our new generation waterproofing products reduces untreated effluents due to the near-100% fixation of the products. Also, the polymeric solution reduces chemical and biochemical oxygen demand by 60%, and it uses 50% less salt than conventional waterproofing”, said Lionel Champanhet, one of Stahl’s waterproofing experts, adding that the environmental footprint can be further improved thanks to a reduction of up to 30% in processing time and lower energy demand due to a lower washing temperature.

The chemical supplier claims it is leading innovation in polymer silicone waterproofing since the acquisition of BASF’s Leather Chemicals division in 2017. Apart from the Densodrin and Densotan brands, the acquisition deal included the transfer of the leather chemicals experts and expertise to Stahl, as well as the Company’s leather chemicals production site in Spain. By applying its Densodrin Polymeric Generation, Stahl says tanners can benefit from several performance benefits compared to conventional waterproofing.