From chairs and bar stools to bench seats and beanbags, some trend setters and furniture buyers expect sheepskin to be the ‘must-have’ material for the home market next winter.

The Cabana Yeti chair, totally covered in sheepskin, from UK manufacturer Timothy Oulton is a good example of the “shaggy” trend expected to be a hit next winter. “People are looking for a calm, warm, inviting environment to come home to, with a touch of natural luxury. And consumers are more conscious about buying something that lasts”, Amanda Dorset of Wilson and Dorset, which designs and manufactures sheepskin beanbags and rugs, told New Zealand media website, Stuff.

To complement the cosy atmosphere, UK based Celtic & Co, produces footwear, such as mules, that are specially treated so that they can be machine washed. The brand’s boots are double-stitched to make them robust, and they feature a hidden heel support to stop unsightly slouching.