Italian tannery machinery supplier MecMan has launched its patented IceWater system, an innovative alternative for the production of cold water, used during the leather drying step, that completes what is currently a modular system. The new system is used for the drying of leather hides or sides and is made up of three components: MecGiant, IceVacuum and the new IceWater. MecGiant is the world’s largest vacuum drying machine for hides, with table sizes up to 9m x 3.4m that greatly increase productivity while maintaining operating costs of a traditional 7m drier.

IceVacuum, on the other hand, is a vacuum dryer equipped with a liquid ring pump that works with water instead of oil. The use of water offers multiple advantages both in terms of water/energy consumption and easier maintenance. The double turbo vacuum generation system reaches a vacuum of 5m Bar, even if positioned far from the dryer, up to a distance of 50m.

The new IceWater system patented by MecMan maintains a constant water temperature of 7°C throughout the year, with a power consumption of only 4kw. It is considered revolutionary because of its constant temperature, ensuring a year-round high-performance drying of the leather. However, the company states that the system is not a chiller and the 4kw energy consumption offers significant energy savings compared with a traditional chiller, which uses up to 200kw of power.

IceWater applies innovative technology and was created to solve common problems of tanneries and subcontractors who work in countries where heat and humidity compromise performance and can slow down production. Especially where traditional drying machinery has to be constantly calibrated due to climatic and environmental influences.

“We believe that the IceWater system can be the definitive answer to the rigid parameters required by leather makers, especially those from the automotive sector, because it will ensure uniformity of drying regardless of external climatic conditions. With this new system, we want to offer our customers a wide range of solutions for the drying of the leather, with a top level performance at all times”, says MecMan.

From ILM