A shoe expert has declared R.M. Williams pricey boots to be worth their hefty cost after cutting a pair open to examine their materials and construction. The shoe artisan, who works for American leather goods store Rose Anvil, filmed himself slicing the handmade $595 boots down the middle. ‘I bought a pair to cut in half to see if they live up to the hype and the price or if they are just a celebrity-sponsored, overpriced boot,’ he said. Overall he was impressed, and commented that it’s a really good boot.  ‘But there’s a few things I wished were a little different. I wish there wasn’t some composite material inside the heel stack… just being nit-picky. ‘Other than that, it’s a solid boot. I don’t really have many complaints other than that it’s so hard to tear apart, it took me two hours.’

R.M. Williams was founded in Adelaide in 1932 by the famed bushman of the same name. The company’s iconic boots are a popular item both locally and overseas, and the brand has stores in New York, London, New Zealand and in Scandinavia.

From dailymail.co.uk