Chemicals company Lanxess has unveiled a number of products that it has shown at the All China Leather Exhibition (ACLE) in Shanghai, with a particular focus on developments for the automotive industry and “sustainable leather management”. These include solutions for beamhouse operations, mineral and synthetic tanning materials, preservatives, retanning agents, leather softeners and dyes.

Highlights include:

•           The Peltec UNF liming agent, which reduces grain swelling, preventing lime draw and growth marks, without the need to add amines or other nitrogen-containing agents.

•           Peltec X-Zyme is a non-proteolytic soaking enzyme that ensures rapid removal of hyaluronic acids. The product is used for soaking at a normal pH value of 9-10 and does not affect the collagen. As a result, it creates tight-grain leather even in the case of extended soaking.

•           In the production of crust leather, Levotan RV – a polymer-softening material, developed to obtain a low VOC level – reduces aldehydes (including acetaldehyde) and the risk of chromium(VI) formation.

•           Levotan AM is a versatile amphoteric acrylic polymer suitable for retanning all leather items, including shoe upper, leather goods and automotive applications. It is also suitable for the production of waterproof leather and lends the material excellent fullness. Its amphoteric charge ensures rapid penetration and fixing and improves float exhaustion. It offers much better dye yield than conventional polymers and produces more intense and brilliant shades. Its characteristics make it ideal for the automotive industry.

•           Tangian UW is a new syntan with light and heat-yellowing fastness for the production of white leather. Compared with conventional white syntans, this product imparts a tight grain and good fullness.

•           Tangian VR is a multi-functional retanning agent and a suitable replacement for vegetable tannings. It enables good fullness and a tight grain, together with heat and light fastness. It is recommended for milled items, for which it produces an excellent, uniform grain pattern and medium softness. It gives the leather a light color that ensures good dyeability and consistent, bright colours.

•           For automotive finishing, Aquaderm XL 1010 and Aquaderm XL 5010 are the latest developments in the field of polyisocyanate crosslinkers. These products enable further reductions in VOCs and odour.

•           Aquaderm XL CD 40 is a water-based, solvent-free carbodiimide crosslinker, which improves the coating’s physical properties, reduces tackiness during stacking and increases cut-through resistance during embossing.

•           Aquaderm Fluid E is a new addition to the range of flow control agents. It is excellent at levelling and gives the leather exceptional physical properties, according to the company.

•           Aquaderm Additive XF is a concentrated, BTEX-free high-performance silicone emulsion that meets the toughest standards on the market for physical properties such as abrasion resistance.