JBS Leather has launched the first Brazilian platform monitoring of leather production,  JBS 360  ( jbs360.com.br ), for access to information from the source on the farm to the final product. The tool will be used by the more than 1,300 customers of the Company, which produces around 35,000 hides per day, from more than 90,000 cattle suppliers in Brazil.

Each piece has an identification that allows, through the website, to track the group of farms where the raw material originated, date of slaughter, percentage of slaughter and the location of each farm, the slaughterhouses and their respective locations as well as the Tanneries where the leathers were processed. The initiative is in line with JBS Couros’ focus on the sustainable operation throughout the chain.

The Company is the only one in the sector to have full control of the production chain, from the farm to the tannery. “We value transparency in communication and in negotiations with our suppliers and customers, ensuring that leather follows the main socio-environmental criteria required by the market”, points out Guilherme Motta, president of JBS Couros.

The JBS 360 adds the Kind Leather, an initiative launched by JBS Leathers earlier this year, which reinforced the Company’s commitment to innovative and sustainable solutions. This type of leather is produced with 65% less CO2 emissions in transportation, a 46% reduction in water consumption and 42% in the use of chemicals. In addition, the complete production process reduces chip generation by 51% and electricity costs by 20%. Kind Leather is expected to account for 30% of JBS Couros’ total production by the end of this year.

The Company works only with raw materials produced in accordance with the highest standards. This ensures that the leather comes from areas free of deforestation, invasion of indigenous lands, conservation units, working conditions analogous to slavery or violence in the countryside and agrarian conflicts.

From aplf.com