When leather is split into thinner grain leather it suffers an important loss in tear resistance. Pulcra Chemicals has prepared a solution for problems of tear resistance or insufficient mechanical fastness: Peramit LSW NEW.

The long fatty chains of Peramit LSW NEW show a higher affinity to the leather than of any other alternative in the market. They significantly boost elongation and avoid friction of the fibres. The result is a remarkable improvement of tear strength between 15 and 40%. Other advantages are very low emissions and superior heat and light fastness.

Pulcra’s new odour control product Sirial OP is a unique auxiliary to be used during fatliquoring for different types of leathers, including car upholstery and garment leathers. Sirial OP contains a special odour preventing catalyst, which sustainably eliminates different types of odours, including sulphide, amine and aldehyde type odours. It is recommended to use Sirial OP as component in the normal fatliquor mixture. Apart from an outstanding odour-controlling effect, Sirial OP improves the uniformity and distribution of the fatliquoring mixture and general emission values of the leathers.

For the reduction of Cr(VI) values, Pulcra Chemicals has developed a new additive for use in fatliquoring, Coratyl CR3. This new auxiliary is the result of an extended research on the mechanism of Cr(VI) formation and is found to give a lasting reduction in proneness to Cr(VI) formation even after very harsh ageing conditions and long storage times. Coratyl CR3 is auto-emulsifiable, improves the distribution of the fatliquor within the cross-section of the leather and general uniformity. It is even able to improve such important characteristics such as heat and light fastness. Coratyl CR3 is suitable for all types of leather, including very soft types of garment, nappa and upholstery leathers or doubleface.

From ILM