Australian actor Hugh Jackman has been announced as an ambassador for R.M Williams’ iconic boots and is the face of their latest campaign. Hugh’s exciting new role was recently announced in front of R.M.Williams’ 300 staff at the brand’s Adelaide workshop. The actor was introduced as the Craftsman ambassador, and will be the spokesperson for the boots that have been handcrafted in Australia since 1932. As part of the announcement Hugh was shown the ropes in the boot room and had a hand in handcrafting a pair of R.M.Williams signature Craftsman boots.

Hugh will now take the lead in the brand’s new global campaign, Undeniable Character, which will launch in April 2019. He will play a pivotal role in taking the iconic R.M.Williams Craftsman boots to new audiences around the world as the brand continue to expand their reach.

“R.M.’s have been a part of my life across the entire journey, from my early stage days to where I am today,” says Hugh Jackman. “It’s an honour to be a part of the R.M.Williams family and to wear the brand’s iconic craftsman boot for the Undeniable Character campaign.”

The new campaign will bring to life the enduring quality of R.M.Williams through the stories of the boots and their wearers. R.M.Williams see someone with Undeniable Character as having grit, tenacity, determination and a pioneering spirit just like R.M. himself and Hugh Jackman.

“Undeniable Character goes to the heart of the R.M.Williams brand the grit, the hard work and the tenacity that went in to creating the best boots in the world the Craftsman range,” adds R.M.Williams’ Chief Marketing Officer, Mat Hayward. “For us, Hugh is the perfect embodiment of Undeniable Character and what it means as a brand, and we’re thrilled to share that story with the world.”
Watch a short video here