The GLCC (Global Leather Coordinating Committee) meeting held in Hong Kong during the APLF Materials+ trade fair, which took place March 13-15, discussed efforts to reduce technical barriers in the leather sector.

Rogerio Cunha from the Trade Intelligence of Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB) said the GLCC announced efforts to reduce technical barriers by eliminating leather sanitary certificates in all countries. “Only raw and salted hides would still keep the certificates, which is a document that generates unnecessary cost and time for the trade”, says Cunha.

The CICB hosted 36 companies in its pavilion during the APLF in Hong Kong, March 13-15 through the support of the Brazilian Leather Project.

GLCC representatives includes the ICT (International Council of Tanners), IULTCS (International Union of Leather Technologists and Chemists Societies) and ICHSLTA (International Council of Hides, Skins and Leather Traders Association).

From ILM