Thierry Poncet, Sustainable Development Manager, CTC Groupe highlighted the results of the CTC’s automated hide and skin traceability system during a Smart Talk seminar at the recent Premiere Vision Leather (PVL) trade show in Paris on September 20.

CTC Groupe, the French leather and footwear research centre headquartered in Lyon, presented the results of its novel hide marking and data capture technology during the presentation, “Leather Traceability from Field to Finished Leather”, following a decade-long project to accurately trace hides and skins from the farm through to finished leather.

Data is captured from the live animal’s ear tag at the point of slaughter which is then transfer on to a paper barcode tag on the hide or skin from the slaughterhouse and tannery.

At the tannery, CTC has developed system which reads the data on the barcode and then automatically puts a high-pressure CO2 number on the hair side of a fresh or wet-salted hide in the neck region on to the grain. “Once the permanent numbered code has been added we are able to automatically read the code throughout all the subsequent tannery process steps. The automatic code reader takes the algorithm of the number and the data is collected by means of artificial intelligence,” Poncet explained. The algorithm is set to read accuracy level above 85% to ensure that the data is collected and recorded correctly. An operator checks the code if the data recogniser fails to read above the 85% accuracy mark.

Poncet was joined during the seminar by Cédric Vigier from CTC who has been working closely on the project. Vigier claims that around 100 hides per hour could be processed based on production trials.

From ILM