In the 2018 edition of Simac Tanning Tech, Italy based tannery equipment maker Erretre presented to the market its Cold Milling technology, an innovation that keeps the leather cooler and the air humidity optimal, using patented technology allowing the production of very tight-grained articles. The technology was once again promoted at the fair in Milan this year.

Many leather applications currently require soft, tight-grained leathers, especially from organic tannages. As many of these tannages are particularly heat sensitive, the control capabilities in most leather machinery needs to be improved, milling is no exception. Cold Milling is now available on all Erretre drums, from lab scale to large production.

The temperature and humidity are carefully controlled, as not to affect the sensitive leathers. It has many other crust and finishing benefits as a result of several technological breakthroughs. Black Line and Cold Milling drums are equipped with new innovative user-friendly touch screen controls.

From ILM