As an extension of the Sustainable Leather Forum held in Paris in September 2019, the French National Leather Council (Conseil National du Cuir – CNC) has published a white paper dedicated to responsible and environmental leather industry ethics.

The CNC said the white paper is the result of collaborative and participative work and draws up, in full transparency, an inventory that recalls the challenges faced by the sector, while also dedicating an important section to the testimonies and feedback of field experiences put forward by stakeholders from the leather supply chain during the first edition of the Sustainable Leather Forum organised by the CNC. The event, which focussed on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and good practices in the leather trade, brought together over 280 professionals from the leather, footwear, leather goods and gloves segments.

“Professionals from the French Leather Industry have long been committed to a responsible approach for their activities. Reconciling economic reality, maintaining a traditional, artisanal know-how and excellence in the implementation of good practices that respect the environment are key priorities, and numerous solutions and initiatives have been revealed”, said the CNC. “By publishing this white paper from the work carried out during the first Sustainable Leather Forum, the National Leather Council assesses the situation and provides an objective insight into the questions that everyone, professionals and public alike, is entitled to ask about the challenges of this industry.”

The white paper centres around the following major themes; measuring CSR commitments through standardisation, environmental commitment, consumer information and safety, ethical responsibility and animal welfare, the value of human capital at the heart of the business and transmission of know-how.
From ILM