Buckman has introduced five new products to its range over the past few months, aimed at the beamhouse and wet end processing of leather. They are as follows:

Beamhouse Auxiliaries
Busperse Chrome Tanning System
was designed to improve the environmental profile of beamhouse processing by enabling leather to be processed directly from deliming and bating to tanning. The system eliminates the use of common salt, inorganic (strong) acids and basifying agents. The benefits of the system include reducing tanning liquor TDS by up to 65%, reducing chrome use by up to 25%, reducing process time by up to 35% and reducing water consumption by up to 50%. Leather produced with this system also shows improved fullness and tightness as well as increased physico-mechanical properties.Butan 7840LW is a high-performance basifying agent with uniform granularity which results in specific and controlled reactivity and is suitable for basifying all types of hides and skins. The rigorous quality testing of the product ensures excellent purity, particle size distribution and surface area and high consistency of basification from batch-to-batch and a reduced risk of pH elevation in wet-blue during long term storage. The product has a slow initial reactivity, a standard basification curve without extreme peaks and a uniform pH.

BLX-14525 is a modified lecithin with good lightfastness suitable for the manufacture of soft leathers including nappa, nubuck, milled leathers, gloves and garment leathers from cow, buff, goat and sheep wet-blues. BLX-14525 shows excellent penetration properties that give the leather a good softness and fullness with a silky touch. In nappa production, it has been shown to improve the fineness of grain, and with nubuck an improvement in fineness of nap and sheen. BLX-14525 is compatible with commonly used syntans, vegetable extracts, polymers and other anionic fatliquors, making it suitable in the production of many types of leathers. It is stable to normal concentrations of acid, salt, hard water and electrolytes.

Butan 7846 is a sulfone based syntan suitable for the production of soft and round leathers from wet-blue. Leathers produced with Butan 7846 have excellent fullness and softness properties with a spongy feel. Butan 7846 is particularly suitable to produce uniform bubble grain pattern in the production of natural floater and nappa floater leathers. Leathers developed with Butan 7846 also exhibit a tight grain and excellent lightfastness. Excellent bleaching properties of Butan 7846 enable the production of white and pastel coloured leathers with purer shades.

BLX-14528 is a medium soft acrylic syntan which is primarily used to produce leathers with improved fullness and roundness along with a fine grain. BLX-14528 is effective at improving the tightness and fullness of the empty parts of the hides and skins. The syntan has good lightfastness properties and is suitable for the production of white and pastel colours. For milled products, BLX-14528 gives an excellent bouncy feel to the leather.