Danish company Better World Fashion is leading the way when it comes to sustainability by creating beautiful 98% recycled leather jackets. Not only that but you can take out a leasing agreement,  where you can enjoy various styles and designs, while not causing any negative environmental impact.

Leasing means that you rent a jacket on a monthly base. You start by leasing the jacket for a minimum of 4 months at 20 euro. Thereafter you are free to decide if you want to keep the jacket, you have or if you would like to try a new one (new style, colour, etc.). In case you are deciding to keep your jacket for a total of 24 months, you own the jacket and can utilize the unlimited buy-back agreement (meaning, that you will get a 50% discount on a new jacket, once you return the old one).  New Zealand’s Notion Fashion platform are local agents for the brand.

Notion Fashion was launched by Megan Fairley, a former Cadbury’s factory worker  who was one of the 350 workers in Dunedin to lose their jobs in 2018. Fairley is now preparing for the official launch of her Chocolate Queen and Chocolate King T-shirts, which aims to raise money for those suffering from mental health issues after being made redundant. To see a short video of Notion’s journey and project to raise money for Mike King’s mental health charity I Am Hope, click  here