As we come in to summer it may be useful to remind you that LASRA has a suite of models for predicting cooling of hides and skins under different cooling regimes.


A base model using scientific principles including one dimensional heat transfer was developed and tested against measured data.  The model predictions were found to fit the measured data within the bounds of experimental error.


A number of models were further developed from the base model and it was determined that they provided a good description of the physical process of different chilling systems.


Any individual system may be investigated in this way to determine possible efficiencies or areas of concern for trouble free operation.


Some people have recently made use of a model to help aid in understanding hide cooling.  The models include: Hide cooling in holding tanks, hide cooling in raceways, skin cooling in raceways, and skin cooling in screen washes.


By utilising this modelling resource at LASRA you may be able to gain a better understanding of this important operation and maintain a better quality of short term preservation!