LASRA hosted the BIOMAT Research Group from the University of the Basque Country in San Sebastian, Spain on 27 April 2018. The group, led by Prof. Koro de la Caba, will be working with LASRA scientists to investigate adding value to collagen-based by-products from New Zealand’s hide and skin processing industry. The visit coincided with LASRA kicking off a series of related research themes funded through the new partnership grant (LSRX-1701) that will include; investigating the biodegradability of novel cross-linking system in leathers, developing nutritional supplements as cat treats, investigating wound healing and analgesia for small animals, as well as therapeutic treatments in medicine.


The Partnership project is characterised by its close cooperation with industry and strong collaborations with research partners.


From left to right: Yi Zhang, Geoff Holmes (Director) , Dr. Yang Liu, Prof. Koro de la Caba, Dr. Alaitz Extabide, Dr. Rafea Naffa, Dr. Pedro Guerrero and Dr. Sujay Prabakar