During the course of any year at LASRA our technicians cover a huge range of tasks, which often take the form of small projects. To showcase some of their activities we hold a competition at the LASRA Conference each year for them to produce a poster on a subject of their choosing based on work they had completed over the past 12 months.


Conference delegates were asked to decide themselves which poster was best, based on content and presentation. After a very close run thing Celeste Coles  poster was found to be the winner, she also received the $500 prize. Well done to Celeste and everyone else who entered.


Have a look at the attached posters to decide for yourself whose was best.


Celeste Cole – Enzyme Depilation pdf (616kb)


Catherine Maidment – Effect of Resorcinol on Oxazolidin Tanning pdf (537kb)


Jiaxin Lian – Development of Self Cleaning Leather pdf (695kb)


Maddie Adams – Shining the Light on Colourfastness pdf (418kb)