According to attendees, the 65th Lasra Conference held at the Amora Hotel, Wellington, was hailed a success and a good time was had by all. Presentations by staff and invited guests provided a good mix of technical and applied papers.




These papers are soon to be published in the upcoming proceedings:


1. Opening address LASRA update,  Geoff Holmes – LASRA


2. Biosecurity risks and handling materials returned from overseas, Sue Cooper- LASRA


3. Nature’s preservatives, Geoff Holmes – LASRA


4. From low value by-products to high value medical devices, Steve Kirk – Southern Lights Biomaterials


5. Measuring looseness, Geoff Holmes – LASRA


6. Collagen and the eye—possibilities for drug delivery and tissue engineering, Ilva Rupenthal -University of Auckland


7. New directions in fellmongering: an alkaline alternative, Richard Edmonds – LASRA


8. The effect of fatliquoring on collagen structure and how mechanical operations affect distribution and strength, Katie Sizeland – Massey /Sue Cooper – LASRA


9. Nanomaterials for leather & biomaterials, Sujay Prabakar – LASRA


10. BioChar and other solid waste minimisation options, Hannah Wells – Massey/Dylan Ball – LASRA


11. Liquid waste minimisation, Dylan Ball – LASRA


12. Understanding the molecular bases of the strength differences in skins used in leather manufacture, Rafea Naffa – Massey University, Palmerston North


13. WORKSAFE – Chemical storage and handling, Peter O’Donnell – Safety & Environmental Services


14. Enzyme depilation: update and preliminary costing, Richard Edmonds – LASRA


15. Works problems, and application of FTIR, Sue Cooper – LASRA


16. Looking back on a career in the Fellmongering, Industry Maurice Tribe


17. Closing comments by LASRA Director, Geoff Holmes – LASRA