2013 marks 75 years since the footwear industry became an integral part of LASRA in 1936. In that era chrome tanning was new technology and sole leather still reigned supreme. Overhead drive shaft and pulley systems powered some machinery, stand-alone machines were a new idea. Computers, smart phones, and electronics were probably not even thought of in science fiction then.

Since 1936, there have been some 22 stand-alone research reports published on many footwear related topics, two bound book volumes containing many more research contributions to overseas bulletins, journals and libraries, and countless technical reports. Notably in the recent era we have guided new product to market, introduced sport technology and style in to safety footwear, worked with new composites and polymers, much of it with due sensitivity to commercial confidentiality. We prefer, however, to keep looking forward, looking for innovations and opportunities for clients.

We have expanded our range of capability to the extent that there is now a nine page long list of IANZ accredited tests. We can service many leather or leather related product from baby shoes through to seating for land, marine and aviation uses, and we also cover fields like fire safety for a range of products and materials, and chainsaw protection for forestry and many more.

Our abilities from concept and design, through manufacture, retail, clear through to the end user, is something few other organisations can hope to aspire to. There are few places where so much experience is carried in a small and versatile team. Our links to the leather industry being a significant feature.

We have a client base spread far and wide, and our reports help move product in all major global markets.  We look to the future building on our vast reserves of knowledge, versatility and capability.